MUST WATCH: Newly Released Undercover Video Shows Buju Banton Tasting Cocaine In Florida Warehouse.

ABC News – Buju Banton is set to be released in a matter of months, but the cocaine-trafficking case against him still infuriates his most ardent supporters, who believe he landed behind bars after being set-up and seduced by a U.S. government informant.

“He was entrapped. Just follow the case,” one longtime fan, 55-year-old Alvin Walfall of Bowie, Maryland, said. “It was entrapment.”

Walfall is one of nearly 5,000 people who signed onto a series of online petitions calling for Banton’s freedom and questioning the case against him.

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For years, U.S. officials demanded that a key piece of evidence — undercover video from Banton’s last meeting with the informant — stay under seal, hidden from public view. But ABC News appealed to a federal judge, and the video has now been unsealed.

It offers the most complete account of how Banton, 44, ended up in a U.S. prison, convicted of two counts for his role in a conspiracy to sell cocaine.

Want to see the full 11 minute video, continue reading the story at “Controversial case of a music star caught on newly unsealed undercover video”


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