Jamaican Nurses to Benefit From Three Years’ Work Experience in the United Kingdom.

London, UK – The Department of Health and Social Care announced Friday that the United Kingdom is to establish a global nursing partnership with Jamaica, that will offer Jamaican nurses the opportunity to begin their nursing careers in the UK with a 3-year work experience program.

Under the partnership, Jamaican nurses will work in the National Health Service (NHS) for three years to gain specialist skills and experience to take back home to help improve their local health system. Each nurse will be required to meet the standards of the Nursing and Midwifery Council before they are allowed to work in the program.

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According to the Department of Health, the partnership is an extension of the ‘earn, learn and return’ scheme, which was previously available to Indian nurses.

Registered nurses from Jamaica will undertake work placements in the UK, facilitated by Health Education England. They will then go back to Jamaica to share their new skills, knowledge and experience with their own healthcare system. – Department of Health

As part of the program, NHS staff will have the opportunity to travel to Jamaica to work and share their expertise with the nurses and health practitioners. The aim of the scheme is to support the Jamaican government in improving the capability and capacity of their nursing workforce, as well as to establish a network of professionals from both countries who will continue to share learning and knowledge beyond the scheme itself.

Stephen Barclay, Minister of State for Health

 The NHS is blazing a trail in healthcare across the world and it is testament to the skills and expertise of our dedicated nurses that other countries are vying for their knowledge to help improve their own services. I’m delighted that we’re partnering with Jamaica in this scheme, which will build on our existing collaboration with India, and further demonstrates the Government’s commitment to forging new international relationships in preparation for the UK to leave the European Union. -Minister of State for Health, Stephen Barclay

The scheme forms part of the NHS’ commitment to supporting development and progress among their staff. According to the Department of Health, offering global health placements within training programmes or as part of CPD has shown to have a positive impact on recruitment and retention of staff.

Story was first published on www.nursinginpractice.com and written by Alice Harrold.


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