Photo Review: Xaymaca International Jamaican Carnival 2018

Kingston, Jamaica – Last week, thousands of revelers arrived in Jamaica for the largest staging of carnival in the island’s history rivaling that of Trinidad and Tobago. The carnival scene in Jamaica has been going active for decades, starting in the 1940’s with the opening of the University of the West Indies.

Students from the Eastern Caribbean, especially those from Trinidad and Tobago, recreated the festival on campus to remind them of the Carnivals they enjoyed back home. Carnival became widely accepted by the population in 1989, when the late Jamaican music pioneer, Byron Lee, conceptualized a plan to bring the music, energy and vibe of Trinidad & Tobago’s annual Carnival event to Jamaica.

Today, carnival is a staple in Jamaica’s entertainment industry and every year it gets better and better. Here’s a photo review of the excitement that took place at Xaymaca last week.

The women were clad in beautifully adorned costumes that served to expose their beautiful and well sculpted figures.

Revelers are always grateful for the lawmen and women who are there to serve and protect.

Jamaican beauty and Integrated Marketing and Communication Major Tonaya Wint knows just how important color and presentation is important and delivered well.

The men were not to be outdone. Social media star Rohan Perry represented well in royal purple and a Stone Gold Wakanda Warrior crown

And the best thing about Carnival in Jamaica? No matter where you come from, in Jamaica you are just a reveler.


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