Jamaican Jills Restaurant: A Fusion Of Welch And Jamaican Cuisine Comes To Uplands Swansea, United Kingdom

Swansea, UK – A new restaurant and cafe which fuses Welsh and Jamaican cuisine has opened in Swansea, Wales in the United Kingdom. The iconic brand which is already familiar to Swansea Bay foodies thanks to their venues in Neath and Swansea City Centre has now expanded with this location into Uplands.

Source: Robert Melen

The concept for this restaurant is to combine the Caribbean food which the restaurant is already known for with more traditional Welsh and British dishes, like full breakfasts and jacket potatoes.

Source: Robert Melen

The decor is also super intentional, blending colonial architecture with tropical imagery and colours. There’s a model of a galleon on the wall which is a tip of the hat to the Welsh pirate Sir Henry Morgan and the music is laid-back Jamaican, and outside there’s a patio area for al fresco dining, complete with a flame-effect patio heater.

We wanted to combine a look that is on-trend with the Jamaican ambiance. We have a painting of a beach on the wall, which people would associate with Jamaica. But it’s also a colonial boutique. – Mark Davies.

Source: Robert Melen

On the menu, the food on offer is available in  both Welsh or Jamaican Cuisine which means a meal like lamb shank can be ordered as traditional or as jerk. A jacket potato, will costs £4.95, with a choice of British toppings – cheese, beans, tune and chilli, or Jamaican – reggae mince, five bean curry, jerk chicken, and curry chicken.

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Their flagship Jamaican dish, Curry Goat, which might sound unusual to those who haven’t eaten the animal before is exceptionally tasty.

If you haven’t been before, we can explain some of the Jamaican food, and our staff are very knowledgeable. Goat is very similar to lamb, in its feel and texture. It is slow cooked, and melts in the mouth. People love it once they’ve tried it. We also do Curry Chicken and Five Bean Curry for vegetarians, and even though we use the same mix, the colour and taste is different for each one. – Mark

Source: Robert Melen

On the drink menu are 40 different flavours to chose from, including tropical rum and cocktail favourites starting at £7.95. The standard key drink is a Rum Punch, made from Jamaican White Rum, Dark Rum, Orange, Pineapple and Tropical Juice, Grenadine and Lime. 13 of the cocktails are “smoking cocktails.”

Source: Robert Melen

Opening hours are from Monday to Wednesday, 8am – 3pm, Thursday and Friday, 8am – 11pm, Saturday, noon – midnight, and Sunday, noon – 4pm. Tuesday is vegan night.

Want to check them out?  Find Jamaican Jills: Food Fusion at 55 Walter Road, Uplands, Swansea SA1 5QE.

To learn more visit their website at www.jamaicanjills.com

Story was originally published by WalesOnline and written by Mark Rees. Story adapted and republished.


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