MUST SEE: Beyoncé & Jay-Z Spotted In Trench Town, Jamaica Riding A Yeng Yeng

Kingston, Jamaica – Days after announcing their On the Run II tour, Beyoncé and Jay-Z was spotted riding the popular Yeng Yeng bikes in Trench Town on Tuesday to excited fans and onlookers.

Locals quickly notice the large entourage and high security presence and began filming only to see that it was the King & Queen of Hip Hop riding through their community.

Tons of videos and pictures are being uploaded of the duo cruisng the streets of Kingston, and social media is on fire. One fan @GullyFaEva was able to get a close up video of the couple.

Initial reports are that the video content from the ride is reportedly to be used for their upcoming On the Run II Tour.

Over the past few months, many high-profile celebrities have visited Jamaica including former US President Bill Clinton, Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez on vacation.



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