Jamaica On Display In Basketball Match Between Kentucky Wildcats & Florida Gators

Thanks to Nick Richards’ love for his Island nation and pride in the strength and talent of his people, the entire ESPN audience who watched the game between the Kentucky Wildcats and Florida Gators, broadcasted live on Saturday Jan. 20th and those who attended the game, will know that Jamaica also produces great basketball talents.

The size 16 shoes worn by Richards were custom-made and delivered to him last week, just in time for one of Kentucky basketball’s most publicized games of the season. According to Nick, the fashion statement was done as tribute to Jamaica.

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Source: Twitter @KentuckyMMB

I’m big on my country. I’m always talking about Jamaica to the guys — the music, the food, the culture — and I was just happy to wear those on my feet. – Richards

The black symbolizes the strength and creativity of the Jamaican people, the green represents the fertile land, and the yellow for the beautiful sun. The shoes also had the Jamaican flag and national motto “out of many one people” inscribed on it.

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Nick grew up in Kingston where he played football, volleyball and did track and field. In 2013, he made the difficult decision to relocate to New York City to further develop his skills and follow his dream of becoming a basketball player.

Source: Michael Reaves/Special to Courier Journal

Since migrating, he has led The Patrick School, a legendary prep powerhouse, to the New Jersey Tournament of Champions title, was named 2017 Mr. New Jersey Basketball and participated in numerous all-star events.

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Source: Twitter @KentuckyMMB

We look forward to hearing great things about Nick Richards as he pursues his dream of being drafted in the NBA while repping Jamaica along the way.

Story adapted from the original published by Courier Journal by Fletcher Page titled “This Kentucky basketball player wore a special pair of shoes against Florida. Here’s why


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