Chubby’s Kitchen: Jamaican Themed Restaurant Opens In Toronto Canada

Canadian-Jamaicans living in the King West neighbourhood will have their cravings for Jamaican cuisine satisfied with the opening of Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen at 104 Portland St, Toronto.

Angus beef, jerk seasoning, mango salsa, pickles charred lettuce; fresh-cut fries, scotch bonnet aioli

Chubby’s sits right across from Gusto 54 Restaurant Group’s Gusto 101 restaurant and lead by Jamaican-born chef, Donavon Campbell.

According to the restaurants website, the concept was inspired by home-style cooking infused with the warmth and vibrancy of Jamaica’s culture and people, Chubby’s is a celebration of the island’s food and all the amazing Jamaican cooks we know. It is our take on traditional Caribbean cuisine balanced with healthy, modern twists.

JERK CHICKEN W/ Chubby’s slaw

With the food, drinks, and décor, Chubby’s is a celebration of Jamaican culture. It’s about recreating what we love about the island, in our own expression, in downtown Toronto. -Janet Zuccarini, CEO, Gusto 54 Restaurant Group

The restaurant can accommodate 100 guests in the winter and up to 140 guests in the summer. The building comes with a patio, a custom wood-fired jerk pit grill, private dining room and a two-storey “greenhouse” with skylights and hanging plants.

Mango-lime-papaya salsa

If you’re ever in the area and feeling for some Jamaican food, be sure to check out the new Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen. The menu includes some old favorites like saltfish fritters ($12), Jerk Pork ($16), brown-stew oxtail ($18) and curry goat ($17). For the more explorative, there’s the Grilled Shrimp Wraps ($18) and the Spicy Jerk Chips ($6).

Wash it all down with a selection of premium rums, signature cocktails, a bottle of Red Stripe beer or a glass of the traditional ginger beer for the non-alcoholic drinker.



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