Reggae Spider! Australian Marine Spider Named After Bob Marley

A newly discovered species of marine spider has been named after Jamaican and international renowned reggae icon Bob Marley – You heard that right! Its name, Desis bobmarleyi or the Bob Marley arachnid spider

According to in Australian researchers, the high tide/low tide habitat where such intertidal species make their homes, reminded them of Marley’s song “High Tide or Low Tide,” which inspired them to give the arachnid its distinctive scientific name.

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Source: R. Raven
#If like me, you never knew such as song existed before today, take a listen:

The known species hide away in barnacle shells, corals or the holdfasts of kelp during high tide where they build air chambers from silk, but are vagrant hunters of other invertebrates during low tide and typically collected from the surface of intertidal rocks, corals, debris or plants. –Barbara Baehr

In a Newsweek article, the author highlighted that the water-adapted spider was discovered nearly nine years ago in January 2009 on the Australian coastline. However, it didn’t officially receive its name until marine biologists published their research on December 22.

Marley joins a group of famous artists who have had newly discovered species of animals named after them – from the Beyonce fly, Lady Gaga ferns, to the John Lennon tarantula.

Quick Facts About Desis bobmarleyi:

  • Females measure about nine millimeters in length, making them a tad larger than males, which measure about six millimeters long.
  • Both sexes were found to have bodies that are primarily reddish brown, with orange-brown legs and dark gray hair-like features covering those limbs.
  • The spiders have only been sighted on the northeastern coast of Queensland.
  • Scientists are unsure whether they can also be found in other parts of Australia or the world.
  • They build underwater air chambers in order to breathe during high tide.

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